The Rivanna River is often referred to as "Mr. Jefferson's River" because Thomas Jefferson grew up on the shores of the Rivanna and later built his Monticello home along its banks. Sharing Mr. Jefferson's appreciation for this historic river, a group of Fluvanna County residents established The Rivanna Conservation Society (RCS) in 1990.

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April 15, 2015

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Rivanna Conservation Society

RCS LogoThe Rivanna Conservation Society (RCS) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization created in 1990. As the “Voice of the Rivanna,” RCS’s mission is to safeguard the ecological, recreational, historical, cultural and scenic resources of the Rivanna River and its tributaries. RCS sponsors events and hosts activities throughout the watershed, including river paddles, riverbank and instream clean-ups, public education forums, teacher and student education, training and water quality monitoring events, riparian buffer plantings and watershed restoration projects. RCS is the regional coordinator of the World Water Monitoring Day program created to link US students with their peers around the world.

RCS engages in and encourages a continuous dialogue with local, state and federal government officials in order to keep the health and protection of the Rivanna River at the forefront of our community's environmental agenda.

Rivanna Conservation Society
108 5th Street SE
P.O. Box 1501
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
434-97-RIVER (434-977-4837)

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