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Mike ForemanMike Foreman, Board Chair – Biologist
After graduating from Duke University in 1980, Mike has held positions in academia, industry and the Commonwealth of Virginia. From 1987 through 2006, Mike worked in various positions with the Department of Forestry. Starting out as a county forester in Gloucester and Mathews Counties to serving directly for the State Forester in the areas of water quality, Chesapeake Bay and land conservation, Mike brought many new and innovative programs and policy actions such as the Silvicultural Water Quality Law for the forest harvesting community,  the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program and riparian forest buffer program, the federal Forest Legacy land conservation program and beginning efforts on the benefits of Ecological Services of forests.

Mike is currently the Director of the Office of Environmental Education at DCR. With great support, this office supports and helps coordinate environmental education efforts in Virginia. From 2006 to 2012, he was the Deputy Director of the Division of Soil and Water Conservation. He currently serves as the Bay Program Enhanced Partnering and Leadership Goal Team Chair and has been working with the Bay Program since 1992. From 1996 through 2002, Mike was Chair of the Forestry Workgroup. As this Goal team Chair, he was active in the development, content, and formatting of the new Bay Agreement.

For the last 16 years, Mike helped develop and lead the nationally-recognized Virginia Natural Resources Leadership Institute. This institute is a collaborative relationship between academia and state agencies. This course teaches the concepts of leadership, consensus-building, and natural resource issues. Mike teaches the leadership portion with topics such as servant leadership principles, emotional intelligence, and Visioning for yourself and your organization.

Most recently, Mike was Chair of the StreamWatch organization, a stream monitoring not-for-profit in the Rivanna River watershed. Mike was instrumental in guiding the merger of StreamWatch with the Rivanna Conservation Society now being called the Rivanna Conservation Alliance. This action consolidated watershed work within the Rivanna basin leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness for conservation and restoration work. This merger was finalized  January 1, 2016.

Dave Smith

David G. Smith, Vice Chair for Programs and Projects – Geologist
David Smith is the Rivanna Guardians Coordinator. He is also a Virginia Master Naturalist and Certified Monitor with Virginia Save our Streams. He is a semi-retired environmental consultant with extensive overseas work experience. He holds a BS in Oceanography from Duke University and an MS in Geology from the University of Georgia.

Christina Monfalcone

Christina Monfalcone, Treasurer – Certified Public Accountant
Christina has extensive experience with income tax preparation for individuals, corporations, partnerships, non-profits, estates and trusts. Christina also has experience in assisting non-profits in obtaining IRS approval and receiving their exempt status. Aside from taxes, Christina also works with clients to prepare required financial statements and offers alternatives such as agreed upon procedures and internal control reviews.

Christina grew up in Dickenson County, Virginia. She started her college career at Virginia Tech in chemical engineering. Her husband ended up with the engineering degree (electrical/computer), while she decided accounting was more fun. While not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three young children, trying new recipes and baking.

Roger BlackRoger Black – Erosion and Sedimentation Officer for Fluvanna County
Roger Black was one of the four founders of the Rivanna Conservation Society. He has worked for Fluvanna as an erosion and sediment control site inspector for 10 years. Before that, he was a Virginia Department of Forestry technician in Fluvanna and other counties for 12 years. In addition, he has served on the planning commission for two years and has spent eight years as elected Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District Director.

Donnie Bowmaster Headshot

Donnie Bowmaster – Senior Manager, Wal-Mart Distribution Center
Donnie is the Wal-Mart Logistics – Quality Assurance Manager based in Zion’s Crossroads (which was awarded the Distribution Center of the Year Award in 2010). Donnie manages all aspects of quality and policies for Distribution Center staff, with approximately 800 Wal-Mart Associates who provide Customer Service of Logistics to Central Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina Wal-Mart Stores. Donnie is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys spending time floating and fishing the Rivanna River. Donnie’s goal is to serve as a resource for RCA in terms of supplies, volunteer support, and grant opportunities through the Wal-Mart Foundation. By accomplishing this goal, Donnie is able to provide the Wal-Mart Zion’s Crossroads Associates with the opportunity to be involved with and educate themselves on how to have a positive impact on the natural environment, and how to instill sustainability programs on-site and within the community as a whole.

JD Brown Headshot

JD Brown – Environmental Attorney
James D. Brown, known by most as JD, is an attorney whose practice has focused on land use and environmental law. JD received his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia, his law degree from Georgetown and is now returning to Virginia to pursue a degree in Urban and Environmental Planning. Over the course of his legal career, JD has focused on public interest environmental law with a particular focus on local land use issues. Prior to moving to Charlottesville, JD lived in Portland, Oregon, where he worked with the Crag Law Center and helped to develop the Coastal Law Project, which provides pro bono assistance to coastal communities working towards sustainable growth.  JD lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, and is currently working with the Biophilic Cities Project to develop model codes for use in biophilic planning.

Angus Murdoch Headshot

Angus Murdoch – Development Contractor
Angus attended Harvard University and graduated from the School for International Training in 1992. Angus has traveled extensively and worked in Southern Africa and Central America. Angus served as a volunteer project coordinator with the Seattle-area-based Earth Stewards Network where he helped coordinate multi-national youth tree planting and stream restoration projects in Talamanca, Costa Rica, Washington State, and British Columbia, Canada. Angus was exposed to grassroots activism in the late 1960s when his parents became involved in the “Save Green Springs” rural preservation effort in Louisa County. Angus is a building contractor and part-time farmer – raising sheep, goats, and cattle. Angus lives with his wife Kristen Parker and their two children in Kent Store. They also inadvertently feed the wildlife from their large vegetable garden.

Jim Nix Board of Directors HeadshotJim Nix – Mechanical Engineer
Jim is a mechanical engineer who retired in 2007 after a long federal career in the Defense Department. An avid birder and nature enthusiast, he began working as a volunteer for The Nature Conservancy immediately after retirement and has also done some volunteer work for StreamWatch and the Rivanna River Basin Commission. He developed a deeper commitment to the health of the Rivanna River system during the recently extended debate on the Community Water Supply System. For more than a year he worked with representatives of local environmental organizations and other concerned community members to inform the public of the merits of the plan and convince local elected officials to approve it.

Bob Troy – Science Department Chair, St. Anne’s Belfield School

Bob joined the St. Anne’s Belfield School in 1994, and during his time there has also served as a visiting associate professor at the University of Virginia and the Chief Administrative Officer of R-Comm Wireless Internet. He received his bachelors’ degree in physics from the University of Scranton and went on to the University of Virginia to get his Ph.D. in physics. Bob and his wife monitor the Rivanna for bacteria during the Summer.