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Initiated in the Spring of 2014, the River Stewards are the eyes and ears of the organization throughout the Rivanna River Watershed. The Stewards advocate for conservation, clean water and environmental and fish restoration and play a vital role in keeping RCA up to date with river conditions. The two part-time River Stewards, Justin Altice and Dan Triman, paddle the Rivanna by kayak twice a week from March to November.

During their paddles, the Stewards look at the overall condition of the river and the adjacent land in relation to previous trips on that particular stretch. They conduct outreach with users of the river to get a sense of what they see and hear while on the river and inform them about RCA, our mission, and activities. Stewards conduct water quality testing, pick up litter, and identify larger objects and issues that need follow-up by RCA or a third party, such as the local government. The Stewards also maintain the RCA informational kiosks at the public put ins/put outs along the river.



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