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RCA sells rain barrels at three area locations. Funds from the sale of rain barrels go to support the work of RCA and the protection of the Rivanna.

Why Own a Barrel?

  • Rain barrels ease strain on local and well water supplies.
  • They are a free source of supplemental water, which lowers monthly water bills.
  • They help prevent water shortages and can be used to water plants during droughts and usage restrictions.
  • And, they help ensure the longevity of water resources and the environment.


  • A rain barrel costs $95. Buy two or more for $90 each.

Rain Barrel: Info Breakdown

  • Made from recycled plastic “food grade” barrels rain barrels green
  • Brass 3/4” spigot for garden hose attachment. Side brass overflow with cap
  • 4” no-see-ums tight mesh screen at the top to prevent mosquitoes from accessing water
  • Color: black & terra cotta
  • Capacity: 55 gal
  • Weight: 22 lbs

Usage & Tips

  • Barrels are not designed to store drinking water.
  • Store barrels away from harsh winter conditions to prevent ice damage.
  • Connect multiple barrels for extra water storage.
  • Barrels should be emptied & cleaned once a year to remove accumulated debris.

Where can you buy one?

  • Plants N Things
    1245 Union Mills Road
    Troy, VA 22974

Rain Barrel Rebates