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The Scheier Natural Area was bequeathed to Rivanna Conservation Society by Howard and Neva Scheier in 1997 and spans 100 acres and includes nine hatchery ponds. Rivanna Conservation Society has installed an educational kiosk and built 3 miles of trails, a parking area, and an outhouse. Scheier is located 10 miles west of Palmyra and 20 miles southeast of Charlottesville in Fluvanna County, Virginia. RCA uses funds from donations to create and maintain the natural attraction. Access to the Scheier Natural Area is free of charge and open daily to the public from sunrise to sunset. From April to October, RCA sponsors educational workshops that are free and open to the public. Please check the RCA calendar for specific dates, times and topics.

Scheier TrailPlease leave only footprints! Pack out what you pack in. To protect the wildlife, water quality and serenity at Scheier, the following activities are prohibited:

Dogs (ADA compliant disability service dogs allowed)
Bikes, Motorized Vehicles, & Horses
Camping, Jogging, Swimming, Hunting
Collecting, Digging, Cutting
Transporting and releasing wildlife to or from Scheier (state law!)

RCA is in the process of raising funds to build an all-weather Education Center at Scheier, along with an ADA accessible nature trail. If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, contact us.

The Scheier Memorial

Scheier MemorialOver 60 years ago, Howard and Neva Scheier left their home in Ohio to settle in a place that would allow them to “live off the land.” After several years of searching up and down the east coast, they moved to their homestead near Antioch in Fluvanna County, which is presently the Scheier Natural Area.

Mr. and Mrs. Scheier wanted to share their love of the land and to promote community conservation. They considered options for giving the land to the community as their legacy for future generations.

Howard and Neva talked to Virginia colleges, universities and national conservation organizations, wanting to find just the right group to care for their property. After much consideration, the Scheiers decided that a local conservation organization could best serve as their trustee and that the Rivanna Conservation Society best reflected their vision for the creation of an environmental education center.

The Rivanna Conservation Society is proud to have been selected by Mr. and Mrs. Scheier to serve as stewards of the land that they loved so much. From that time on, the Scheier Natural Area has served the community, providing youth and public education forums, nature walks and the opportunity for reflective moments with nature’s beauty. A memorial stone to commemorate the lives of Howard and Neva Scheier was dedicated on July 29, 1997.