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Water Health for the Commonwealth

RCA partners with schools to offer education programs for students from elementary to high school age. Students learn about local watersheds, the importance of river health, and how to make choices to protect our waterways. RCA has several established programs for students, but we are always happy to tailor our programs to your school’s specific needs and interests. Our programs range from classroom activities about water-related topics to fieldwork such as water monitoring, river paddles, and community clean up events. Below are just some of the many programs we offer:

• River paddles
• Water quality monitoring (In-class and out)
• In class programs – watersheds, stormwater, agriculture, home and yard conservation
• Invasive plant removal
• Watershed games and activities
• Tours (wastewater treatment plant, Rivanna River, Ragged Mountain Reservoir, Trails)
• Community clean-up events and service projects

For Educators

Are you a teacher, school administrator or after-school program staff interested in bringing Water Health for the Commonwealth (WHC) and water education to your classroom?

World Water Monitoring Challenge

RCA is the regional sponsor of the World Water Monitoring Challenge. This global event was created by the RCA Executive Director in her former position in Washington, DC. Participants monitor for pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen and turbidity (clarity). The results of the water quality monitoring are uploaded into the international data base and are used by RCA to document “citizen scientists” monitoring samples.